Mountain Strings

Teresa Mortensen has played the violin since she was 6 years old. Not lucky enough to ever know her grandfather, she was very lucky to get his violin at that age, and loved it.  Teresa played in orchestra all through school, but always wanted to play fiddle music. She joined the Idaho Old Time Fiddlers in 1989 and played old time fiddle music for more than 30 years. It was then that she got the opportunity to learn bluegrass:  it was a blast and she fell in love with it.  Teresa has been working hard the last few years to learn how to play bluegrass fiddle and has had many great teachers help her along the way. Teresa says, "I have a lot more to learn, I am loving every bit of it."

Gary and Julie Butler are natives of Grantsville, Utah.  They currently reside there and snowbird in Mesquite, Nevada.  Gary picked up the banjo about 20 years ago and quickly fell in love with bluegrass music.  He encouraged Julie to play the bass so they would have a hobby together.  She has been playing for 15 years.  They also play backup for their 3 fiddling granddaughters in a band called “High Strung”.  Gary has spent 37 years in the transportation industry and looks forward to retiring in October so he can spend more time doing what he loves.  Gary and Julie have been married for 45 years and have 3 children and 11 grandchildren

Randy Axelson played mandolin with the Hawk Ridge band out of Duluth, Minnesota for seven years, before retiring to the mountains of SE Idaho. Having just met the other members of Mountain Strings at a few jams last year, he’s excited to be performing with them

Monty Mortensen became interested in Music at a young age. First was a few years of Piano lessons. After the Piano, he played 5 years of Clarinet in the school band.  During high school he began teaching himself guitar. About sixteen years ago he began playing with the Idaho Old Time Fiddlers, acting as President for 5 years.  During the time with the fiddlers, he began singing a variety of music venues. He started listening to and enjoying bluegrass about 5 years ago. At that time, he began playing bluegrass guitar and singing his favorite bluegrass songs.  He now feels that bluegrass is the music he always wants to learn and play.