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Oly Mountain Boys

The Oly Mountain Boys are a South Puget Sound bluegrass institution, picking and singing around Olympia, Washington since 2008. They bring a Pacific Northwest sensibility to the bluegrass sound through traditional tunes and original compositions, and showcase the power of the American bluegrass music tradition.


Tye Menser - Banjo & Lead Vocals

Tye was born in Southern California but likes to point out, for bluegrass credibility, that his parents and entire family are from Western Kentucky. Tye learned to play bluegrass in Fairbanks, Alaska starting in 2004, studying the bands of Carl Hoffman, the Father of Alaska Bluegrass, and the hard-driving style of his banjo disciples.


Phil Post - Bass & Dobro

Phil is the only Oly Mountain Boy with bona fide Southern heritage, growing up in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. Phil's musical journey began singing for a Springfield, Missouri church choir. He moved to the Pacific Northwest many years ago, studying jazz and composition, and has played a number of instruments in a variety of regional bands through the years, including Big Idea, Heliotroupe (jam band), Head For the Hills (bluegrass), Milroy Holler (psychedelic), Cabin Kind (newgrass), Tilted Stilts (alt-country), and the Erev Rav (klezmer).


Josh Grice – Fiddle

Josh Grice was raised near Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Olympia to work and stare at the mountains. He stumbled into a bluegrass jam in early 2009 and soon wound up a member of the Oly Mountain Boys. He keeps his fingers limber by playing "violin" with the Olympia Symphony Orchestra as well as the country band Montgomery Brown and the Cowboy Apocalypse.


Eric Schweizer – Guitar

Eric Schweizer is a California native who now resides in Shelton, Washington. When he's not playing bluegrass guitar, he frequents the Northwest's old-time jam circles.


River Scheuerell - Mandolin & Guitar

River Scheuerell is a versatile multi-instrumentalist playing fiddle, guitar, mandolin and other stringed instruments. River is also a composer, arranger, performer, and audio engineer, exploring diverse genres including Old-time, Bluegrass, New Acoustic, Jazz, Celtic, Quebecois, and Scandinavian.