Twin Bridges Bluegrass Festival Cancellation

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but due to the emergence of a situation at the fairground, the Twin Bridges Bluegrass Festival has been cancelled. Let me say that the staff of the facility, who worked so very hard to help pull off the first Twin Bridges festival is in no way to blame. I have put on 20 multi-day bluegrass festivals and their crew was the absolute best I have ever worked with. But, like has happened so many times, in so many places, politics reared its’ ugly head and ruined what could have been a huge boon to the town of Twin Bridges, to Madison County in general, and to bluegrass fans in multiple states. I have been asked if there wasn’t another place in which to hold the festival, but currently I know of no other location that would check all the boxes that are required to produce a successful event. I had to search for several years to find this one, and nothing venue-wise has changed.


I am thankful for the support you all have shown, and I sincerely hope you all enjoyed the one and only Twin Bridges Bluegrass Festival in 2023. This is not the first time I have experienced this, but it will most certainly be the last, as I am done promoting music. Instead of working my butt off so other folks can enjoy themselves, I will instead do normal human things, like go fishing, or just sit with friends and pick tunes for fun. I hope you all have a fun and productive year, and if you would, please say a prayer for the folks who were most affected by the behind the scenes goings on.   


Yours truly,

Gene Bach