93 North

93 North is based out of Salmon, ID, and is named for the highway that is so important when going north or south.  Some of us have played together for 5, 10, or 30 years, and our small , isolated area has a strong bluegrass community. We love the pals we play with, the people we play for, and the rich history of the music. Find us at Bertram's Brewery in Salmon every Wednesday night about 5:30pm. We will also see you at Hardtimes 2022!  Pick on!!

Donna “Squeak” Barsalou started out on the fiddle with the Old Time Fiddlers, then went to a jam with bluegrassers….that was it! She was hooked and started fiddle lessons with Mike Conroy. Six years ago Squeak was given a 1952 K model bass so she has played mostly bass since then. She recently retired and plans to revisit the fiddle, mandolin, more bass runs and breaks. She is grateful for her music family and their encouragement and support!

Born and raised in Salmon Idaho, Keith Bielby’s dad was a well-known fiddler and made Keith his first guitar when he was 8 years old so he could play backup for the fiddle. When he was 12, his dad made him another guitar that fit his size. Now Keith plays one of the 65 fiddles made by his father. Keith can play any stringed instrument and considers himself a guitar man. When Keith joins a jam, EVERYONE is happy.

Bob Griswold developed a love of bluegrass picking guitar in the firehouse in Reno, Nevada. He started playing the dobro after a bad horse wreck in Idaho laid him and his shoulder up for months. We are so glad he made the best of a tough situation! When not picking, he can be found patrolling the slopes of Lost Trail Ski Area or brewing his own beer…. and he still rides his horse.  Bob loves being a part of 93 North.

Janet Griswold has always had a love of music and discovered bluegrass when her husband needed a jam partner. Bob got her a banjo, instruction book and a list of songs to play…… end of story! Also a member of the all-women Darby Sireens, she sings and picks and even grins! She can also be found riding, tending her animals or working in her garden. And as a retired nurse, she is a perfect partner for Bob.

Cliff Simpson was a US Navy submariner for over 22 years.  He picked up a guitar at age 12 and has never put it down. He’s been in several bands with many forms of music, but his favorite has always been bluegrass. A prolific songwriter, he also plays the bass & the mandolin. When he is talking to you he is really thinking about playing his guitar…and yes, he took his guitar with him on each submarine deployment!

Growing up, Arlene Wolf played ukulele and an antique organ. She raided piano benches when babysitting to copy songs & learned from her parent’s 45s. When she was 16, an uncle strung up her first guitar, beat up with extra holes. After shoulder surgery to repair 50 years of hauling around a guitar, her mandolin has become a real pal.  Also a member of the Darby Sireens, she feels so thankful to be a part of this bluegrass family.