The Madison County Fairgrounds lies at the edge of Twin Bridges, Montana. It is bordered by Hwy 41 and the Beaverhead River. It is a beautiful facility, close to services, and has extremely easy access. The fairground is centrally located being 2 ½ hours from Idaho Falls, 3 hours from Missoula, 2 hours from Helena, 1 ½ hours from Bozeman, 1 hour from Butte and 45 minutes from the Madison Valley. There is plenty of room for campers ranging from tents to class A motorhomes. Of special note to campers is there are a good number of places to hook up to electricity. The hookups are either 20 or 50 amp services and will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

The music portion of the event will be held inside the 10,000 sq ft log pavilion building with means you’ll be comfortable regardless of the weather. For nighttime jamming, should the temperatures be chilly, there are 2 large, heated buildings available for pickers and grinners. If you are into trout fishing, the Beaverhead River runs the entire length of one side of the fairground. In fact, if you are camped in the right place you could step out of your camper, walk a hundred feet, and catch a fish. Hosting the Twin Bridges Bluegrass Festival, the Madison County Fairgrounds promises to provide an extremely comfortable setting.

2 Fairgrounds Loop, Twin Bridges, Montana


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