Prairie Wildfire

Prairie Wildfire is a trio of talented musicians hailing from a prairie town in Wyoming. Their music is a fusion of folk, bluegrass, classic country, and Wyoming-style western, featuring Sage on mandolin, Tessa on banjo and Morgan on upright bass. The band is known for their tight harmonies, sophisticated instrumentation, and explosive energy on stage. With Sage's rich ballads and occasional yodels, Tessa's gritty voice and love for old-time cowboy music, and Morgan's crystal clear tone influenced by jazz and bluegrass, Prairie Wildfire delivers a unique yet nostalgic sound that will take you back to better times and tunes. Whether they are alternating lead singers or ripping through melodies and rhythms with practiced ease, Prairie Wildfire is a force to be reckoned with and a band you don't want to miss.



Prairie Wildfire's oldest member, Morgan Blaney, picked up the upright bass at a local summer camp when she was 10 years old and promptly declared that she had "found her thing"--and she had.  After a few weeks of lessons, she began playing bass at a local jam, and has never looked back. She has been with Prairie Wildfire since its inception in 2015 when a band of middle school girls performed for the first time at a local Stars of Tomorrow contest.   A three-time all state high school jazz bassist, Morgan pursued both jazz and bluegrass music performance at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.  She graduates in 2023 as its first double major in bluegrass and jazz. She plans to pursue a career of musical performance.




Sage Palser plays the mandolin and showcases her rich vocal range with ballads, classic country sounds, and the occasional yodel. Along with her passion for music, Sage enjoys swing dancing and spending time in the mountains. She has been singing and playing music since she was a child, with a rich and intense vocal style that complements the group's harmonies. Outside of music, Sage enjoys swing dancing and spending time in the mountains. She is currently pursuing a college education in Bluegrass Old Time and Roots Music Studies at East Tennessee State with a concentration of Audio Production & Engineering.






With a high-energy and fun approach to frailing the banjo, Tessa Taylor also sings with a gritty and emotional style that reflects the traditions of old-time and cowboy music. In addition to her musical pursuits, Tessa enjoys ranching, hiking, and finding old-time jams to join wherever she goes.